#994 Birthday Day 2.

For day 2 of the birthday extravaganza, I had a date with Mitter at Tabella, home of the world’s most delicious house salad:

And then he showed me what my big present is going to be… A swinging porch bed!

I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember and he’s been sneakily building one little by little on the weekends in my daddy’s shop with leftover boards from my parents’ old back porch. He wrote a letter on the backside of this printout with all the details of it, the size (twin), the color (natural wood stained to match the front door), the ropes that will suspend it (500 lb. test manilla rope), and he told me it will be my special place for reading when it cools off this fall and in the spring. I could just die. I can’t wait to see it finished!

We were contacted by a magazine this week and got word that they would like to feature our house in their fall 2013 issue, and are sending their photographer and stylist for a 2-day photo shoot sometime in October to be sure they get the pumpkins and wreaths and lanterns and everything else that fall brings. I hope hope hope this beautiful porch bed will be hanging in its place, all cozied up with pillows when they come!