A Letter From Erin Napier

Hi friend,

It's hard for me to believe that The Lantern House is almost here, out in the world and on your nightstands. Adam and I have this dream of it keeping company with your children's most-read books, the ones that are falling apart like The Little House, Eloise, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Goodnight Moon for our girls. Before you read it, there are some things I wanted to share.

I believe the best children's books are the ones that connect deeply with the adult reading them to the child in their lap. They tell us the truth about the world around us that we've often forgotten in the busyness of adulthood. When I turned thirty years old, my thoughts about aging changed to thoughts about whose shoes I would someday fill, about how time keeps changing us. We become the parents and then grandparents in the photographs someday, and through it all, our houses are the constant: there in the background, silently keeping watch, and giving us a place to feel like our best selves.

If you follow our work here with Laurel Mercantile and on Home Town, I know you will understand the heart of this story: how our houses become family as we watch our babies grow, as we experience milestones, our houses witness and keep us safe from the storms and warm in the winter. Home is generational, and we are just passing through as stewards, custodians of them. Hopefully, good ones.

Thank you for reading The Lantern House and sharing it with the people you love. I’m forever grateful for your support.

- Erin


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