Ponchatoula Strawberries Captures the Sweet Scent of Mallorie's Fondest Memories

This summer, Erin is reintroducing her beloved Ponchatoula Strawberry scent in the new Garden candle collection. While the smell is delectable, the story behind it makes its aroma more special. 


If you're new around here, each scent is based on one of Erin's "scent memories." (Yes, scent memories are a thing!) Her best friend, Mallorie Rasberry, inspired this particular fragrance. 


Erin says, "Mallorie's family hails from the land of the sweetest strawberries in the world—south Louisiana. This fragrance smells the way an ice cold strawberry sorbet tastes, like the sweetest treat on a hot summer day."

Now you can enjoy the scent of sweet strawberries all summer long with Erin's Ponchatoula Strawberry candle, room spray and hand soap. 

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