Ben's Special Project For His Alma Mater

"Two years ago, @kirkpurdom reached out on behalf of the @olemissalumniassociation asking if I could build the bartop for the new @mccormicksoxford they were building at @theinnatolemiss . I thought it was funny that I, a teetotaler, was asked to take it on, but the idea of getting to build something for my alma mater was an honor."

"I knew it would take forever because of filming, and because I wanted to do the work instead of having the guys in the shop build it for me. We finally finished it and got it installed over the weekend."

"I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The 2 slabs came from a pin oak tree near Oxford. The bar rail or “bullnose” is a solid piece of red oak from Pennsylvania. I wanted to use oak as an homage to our beautiful grove. Y’all go by and check it out. #hottytoddy #olemiss"