Creating a Dreamy Sanctuary for Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

Jana and I both go for the same feeling with our bedrooms...dreamy! Both of us created bedrooms that we love without breaking the bank and we'd love to share how! Here are a few tips on how to transform your bedroom into a dreamy sanctuary:

Choose your focal points and colors wisely.

For that "dreamy" look, light tones...whites...are best. Don't bring in too many colors or your dreamy feeling will quickly become more "fun" and "boho"...or just cluttered. Your focal points are what will stand out amongst the white surroundings. Don't overdo it. The more you want something to "pow", the less competing elements should surround it. 


Texture is a MUST!

Incorporate bedding with mixed textures. A rug, curtains, your woods, and metals all can contribute to the texture in the room.

Add elements of surprise!

Whether it's some funky piece you found at a garage sale, or your grandmother's antique tablecloth, incorporating something unexpected adds interest and creativity to the room. Think outside the box.

Use pieces you already have.

Maybe your headboard has great shape and just needs a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you are getting rid of a desk or table...think about adding it to your bedroom. This will push you to think more creatively and find more of those "unexpected elements" which will really add beauty and interest to your space. 

Bring in some nature.

Plants and flowers add so much life, texture and romance to a room! Don't know what to put in that empty corner? No need to buy another piece of furniture! Plants are cheaper! Even branches will add some great lines to a naked area!

Don't buy expensive art.

Search thrift stores and flea markets for beautiful and inexpensive prints and paintings. Thrift stores are my number one source for frames. Paint an 80's gold frame black and make it modern and sleek. Find printable art on etsy, or make your own! Then have your local print shop print them into posters...easy and so cheap! 

An old lace tablecloth can transform the room into that romantic escape you love! Here are 5 great ways to use a vintage lace tablecloth in your bedroom:

-Use it over your windows as a curtain

-Drape it under your mattress as a bed skirt

-Throw it or fold it at the end of your bed as a coverlet 

-Hang it on the wall behind your bed as a headboard

-Suspend it from the ceiling over the bed as a billowy canopy


Hello everyone! We hope this was helpful and inspiring for you! We are Jana and Vanessa, friends with a penchant for creative home design & vintage shopping! We started a vintage market of our own back in 2010 and now host them in 4 different locations, including one in Laurel, MS! You can find us scrolling Pinterest for inspiration, coming up with unique solutions for our design clients or brainstorming new ideas for our shows! You might also find us binge-watching shows like This is Us or Outlander. We’d love to get to know you and give you lots of freebies, home decor advice & keep you up-to-date on all the latest trends! You can subscribe to our newsletter at!