Home Town, Season Two: The Griffin House

 In the season finale of HGTV Home Town, Anne and Russ Griffin, were looking for a place to call home for little awhile. What they didn’t expect was the dream, craftsman home that they will cherish forever.

 What we’ve always loved about Erin and Ben is their unmatched ability to uncover the home owner’s taste and stay true to the intent of how they will live and use the space. With an “open door policy," Anne and Russ were adamant about a having a home to entertain their friends and family. 

 After looking at their options, the Griffin’s chose the Cross house and even negotiated the asking price from 155,000 to 118,000. (Yes, those prices are real—and yes, Anne is the negotiator that we all want in a realtor's office!)

Erin and Ben’s design for the Cross House was to take the 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 4,100 sq ft. of a home and create a wrap around porch for an outside dining space, add craftsman columns and features to the living room to match it’s craftsman heritage, and completely transform the kitchen with new appliances, new countertops, and our favorite Home Town touch —exposed brick.



 With the help of Anne and Russ’s negotiating skills, this renovation was completely possible and under budget! On the coldest day and most unbelievably beautiful, snowy day in Laurel, Mississippi, we got to see the Griffin House become their own.



The Exterior:

Corner appeal is everything in the south. That's why the original white, chipped exterior had to go. Erin and Ben changed the entire appearance of the Griffin House with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Peppercorn on the basealong with a coat of Benjamin Moore's Harwood Putty on the fascia, soffit, trim and windows.

They took the suffocating, all-encompassing exterior windows and created a front porch to entertain and dine. After all, the porch is the most important living room of a home, right?

The doors were painted Roycroft Brass to compliment the blue/ grey undertones in the base. This craftsman home looks like an entirely different home with deeper colors and fuller contrast on its exterior. 


The Living Room: 

Erin created a space that fits the traditional, southern comfort living room that fit Anne and Russ's personality. With the walls painted a Oatland Subtle Taupe with Harwood Putty trim and fireplace, the stunning tile fireplace and exposed wooden beams become the focal point. The aim of the room is to get you to stay and warm up with laughter and conversation or to create movement throughout the home. With the amount of company the Griffin's expect, design was spot on.. as always!  

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The Dining Room: 

Erin and Ben's design for this room create an inclusive space with it's open pathway from the living room and kitchen. Along with the people that dine there during family gatherings or game nights, this formal dining room is perfect for inviting all parts of the house together. 


The Kitchen:

A contender for the best room in the house, the kitchen's exposed brick has us wanting to recreate this perfect southern kitchen with its spacious layout, subtle color scheme, and inviting pathway to the casual dining space. 

(We're hoping that this brick will be in every home in Season 3!)

The Patio:

Each home on #HGTVHomeTown has a space or quality that is unique to that home only. Before, the Cross House had an awkward and non-functional, closed-in garage. Now, the Griffin House has a space that can be used for entertaining on early, brisk summer nights before dusk. Where the twinkling lights and fireplace can be the centerpiece for gathering and conversation. 


The Griffins can rest easy tonight in their beautiful, new home in their lovely home town.

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