Ben's Easy Explanation of Wood Grains

Whether you're a master craftsman, a hobby woodworker, or a curious individual wanting to know more about wood, you're barking up the right tree.

If you haven't noticed by now, we're passionate about making high-quality wood products that are beautiful and will last. Each wood grain is used for a different purpose, and its qualities are as unique as you. Enjoy Ben's fast and easy explanation! 


End grain is a type of pattern produced by the growth rings in a piece of wood. It is the opposite of face grain, which occurs when woodworkers slice a section of wood off the end of a log.


Face grain, or plain grain, is usually the wide face of a milled board, and exhibits multiple layers of grain on top of each other, often U, V or even O shapes. 



Edge grain shows you the wood cut along the edge and with the grain. Edge grain butcher block is usually made of strips of wood that can be lined up evenly or assembled in a pattern that resembles a hardwood floor. 

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