Fresh Out of the Woodshop: End Grain Butcher Blocks

One of our greatest joys is seeing how the workers at the Scotsman Manufacturing Plant make exceptional and creative wood products each week. We're not trying to brag (let's be honest, maybe we are), but we've mastered the art of making butcher blocks. From Ben Napier's design direction in the wood shop to the work on the manufacturing floor, our experience in woodworking has allowed us to make exceptional products for your home. 

End Grain Red Oak Butcher Block

As we dream of new designs, improve our processes, and move forward in the manufacturing world, we're finding ways to be more resourceful and creative with our supplies. That's how we dreamed up the End Grain Butcher Block. 

End Grain Cherry Butcher Block

Creating End Grain Butcher Blocks is the perfect way to use wood that is usually wasted in production. They typically look like a bunch of squares because it's the end of a wooden plank glued and fastened together to create a flat surface. Think of wood as a tight bundle of straws; the end grain would show you the ends of those straws. If you bring a knife down on top of these straws, it splits them apart. 

End Grain Walnut Butcher Block

We've created the new End Grain butcher blocks from five different wood species, sizes, and patterns—Red Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Purple Heart.

Our butcher blocks are made from American Hardwoods and offer unique coloring and grain patterns. Each piece never looks quite the same, and we think that makes them even more valuable.

For instance, the End Grain Purple Heart Butcher Block is a mixture of maple and Purple Heart wood. Purple Heart is a specialty wood because of its rich purple coloring. When freshly cut, it can be a dull grayish/ purplish brown, but it becomes a deeper eggplant purple with time. That deep purple hue mixed with the maple wood makes for a show-stopping feature and helpful asset in the kitchen.

 End Grain Purple Heart Butcher Block

While we've introduced maple, walnut, Purple Heart, red oak, and cherry to our product lineup before, we've never used Mahogany. It's been a fun challenge to shape this wood into something beautiful. Its rich red/brown coloring makes for a statement piece in the kitchen, and we're excited to use this wood for different products in the future. 

End Grain Mahogany Butcher Block

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