Scotsman Food Truck Park: Papa Dough's Pizza

A bare green space once surrounded the Scotsman General Store and Woodshop, but it now hosts a tasty duo of the most delightful food trucks. Since we've already featured The 5000, we'd like to showcase the pizza truck that has taken the South by a storm. Papa Dough's Pizza is by far the most inventive and delicious pizza you'll taste in Laurel, and it's all because of Earl and Joy Pearson.

Earl and Joy are proud pizza makers, taste inventors, and most importantly, grandparents to six grandchildren. Since the birth of the first grandchild twelve years ago, Earl has been coined "Papa" ever since. Their love for cooking comes from their innate sense of hospitality and entertaining in the kitchen. 

Joy says, "When the kids moved out of the house, we just found that cooking is just something we like to do together. We would make a lot of Italian food and pizzas. We're just foodies! We even followed Diners, Drive Ins and Dives recommendations, and we'd go to every restaurant if we were in that area."


"Then we decided that we were going to cook and spend every single moment together in this food truck," she laughs.

 Earl and Joy have learned a lot from being in the kitchen constantly and trying new recipes. Most recently, Earl perfected his famous dough recipe.

Joy says, "When we were dreaming up the name for what our pizza business could be, I came up with Papa Dough's Pizza. Everyone calls him "Papa", even the people at church! But his dough is why people drive from all over. There's nothing like. I have the recipe, but I've never made it before. He knows how to make it perfectly."

We can confirm that this is no overhyped, exaggerated pizza dough— it's seriously amazing! Since its opening, they have vowed to make their dough by hand every day and always aim for excellence in taste and service.

While Papa Dough's has their good ole faithful recipes that remain best-sellers, they have a love for concocting different topping combinations each week to keep their customers on their toes. 

Some of their most popular pizzas are the Carni for the meat lovers, and the Herbi for all the veggies. The P.E.ON is also a favorite combination and an acronym for put everyone on.

Other regular menu items include: Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch, Jamaican Jerk, and the Ronan, the pizza made from Old World Style pepperoni and the only pizza that her granddaughter (Ronan) will eat.

Joy says, "One of our more adventurous pizzas is the Big Dill, inspired by our pickle-loving children. Made with a buttermilk ranch base, covered in four different kinds of cheeses, bacon and dill pickles. People love that when we serve it."

Papa Dough's also offers have a gluten-free, low carb cauliflower crust option. After one bite, a first-time foodie or frequent customer will know this little food truck is full of life and flavor, and we have the Pearson family's good taste and famous dough recipe to thank. 

Be sure to visit the Scotsman General Store and Woodshop this summer and grab a bite to eat from Papa Dough's Pizza at the Food Truck Park every weekday. 

P.S.— Earl and Joy offer a discount to all first responders, veterans, and police officers for their service!