Fresh Out of the Woodshop: Scotsman Co. Kid's Cutting Board Set

One of the best things about our job is creating wooden products that we love and use daily. It's even more special to make something that our littles ones can enjoy too! One of our most recent wooden products has finally hit the shelves, and we're so excited to see how our Scotsminis will love it. 

Maple Kid's Cutting Board Set

Made with the finest wood available, this set is sure to be a family heirloom. Chefs in training will be able to safely learn the kitchen basics and craft a love for cooking while creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

Each Kid's Cutting Board Set is made from durable, pure hardwood, scaled to the perfect size, and the best tool to teach your little chef new skills. The set includes the 9" board and a 9.5" blunt knife in the same grain.

Cherry Kid's Cutting Board Set

Co-owner of LMCo., Mallorie Rasberry designed the Kids Cutting Board Set when she noticed her young daughters were becoming more watchful and helpful at dinnertime. She says, "Our girls love this set! They feel like big girls when they get to chop soft veggies and fruits, and they are more willing to eat what they help with."

Walnut Kid's Cutting Board Set

She continues, "As a parent, this is my favorite kitchen accessory… getting to spend time with my girls while watching them learn is a dream! I look forward to taking care of this set and putting it away for the next generation.” 

We've created the Kid's Cutting Board Sets from four different wood species—Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, and Walnut. You can join the fun by matching the kid's cutting board to the grown-up version — the Scotsman butcher block here! 


Red Oak Kid's Cutting Board Set

Each piece is made from American Hardwoods and will vary in grain pattern and color. These features make each piece unique (just like your kiddo!) and we think that makes them even more special.

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