6 Small Glimpses Into The Napier's Old English Home

Filming for part two of Home Town's season six is well underway, but there's one reveal we're particularly excited to see when the show begins again— Ben and Erin's new home!

Erin shared that their dream is to raise Helen and Mae in the wide-open spaces of the country, the way she grew up. The Napiers are looking forward to having a place to grow, explore and create new memories. Thankfully, Erin lets us see small previews of their dreamy, historic English home to hold us over until the big reveal! 


Erin captions her photo, "What color is our dining room? (shoutout to @napierframeslaurel for making a $10 thrift store paint by number look fancy enough for this old english house)" 



 Erin says, "After a weekend spent landscaping the backyard in heat stroke temps, I have decided to go ahead and transition to fall. We will now begin listening to the Decemberists and Sufjan Stevens until further notice. Thanks for your support 🍂"



The Napiers recently hosted Sid Evans, Chief Editor of Southern Living Magazine, and showed off Helen's most recent arrangements at the kitchen table. 



Wait until you see the wallpaper behind Ben in this video, as well as his impressive door fixin' skills. 



Erin gets reflective in her post of Helen playing with their living room pillows gleefully. She says, "Isn’t it wild to watch yourself as a child relived through your own kids? Helen is me. 4 costumes a day, Pippi and ET, constant music for her life’s soundtrack, an imagination that creates wild worlds where she can become a leopard or a trapeze artist moment to moment. The chatty then shy performer, tender as raw biscuit dough when there’s a cross word, marching to her own drum regardless of what the other kids are doing. Lord, help us through the teenage years. Amen. (cc: @scotsman.co who magically gets to see me grow up since he missed it the first time)" 


 We can't wait to watch this reveal and the rest of Season Six of Home Town soon! Until then, catch up on the most recent episodes of Home Town by binge-reading the latest like the Li House, the McKinnon Apartment, the Hinnant House, and the Steinwinder House!