Erin's Birthday Surprise From Ben

In celebration of Erin's birthday on August 30th, we're reflecting on some of Ben's most thoughtful gifts over the years. On Erin's 26th birthday, Ben showered Erin with a plethora of meaningful gifts, like a book with a handwritten note on the first page. In 2014, he planned a day trip to New Orleans with their best friends, Mallorie and Jim. We can't forget his yearly tradition of fetching Erin's favorite breakfast on her special morning.


Ben seems to outdo himself every year, but Erin's birthday gift in 2018 was one of our favorites. Ben says in the video, "I like to make things for Erin for every special occasion. So her birthday is coming up and I've been saving this for some time."


He says, "I have the last piece of white oak leftover from Helen's crib, and I'm going to make a cake stand for Erin. I'm gonna put her birthday cake on it this year."


His nostalgic, sweet spirit shines through when he says, "Over the next, you know, 20—30—40 years, we'll be making birthday cakes for Helen and she'll serve them on this cake stand. So it's gonna be really sweet."


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