5 Ways to Welcome the Fall Season with Mallorie Rasberry

Most Home Town viewers know Mallorie Rasberry as the creative DIY-er and Erin's best friend. It's no secret that Mallorie's most outstanding quality is the way she extends hospitality through her home and intentional design. She loves to find unique ways to welcome new folks and old friends and create memories with those who dwell there for any given time. 

There are a few practical ways she prepares her home for a new season, and we're sharing those ideas here in hopes you can welcome the new season and others in as well. 

Freshen up the front door.

The front door is the first impression and feels like the smile on the face of the home. It's the first and the last thing you'll see, and it's often the easiest way to be spontaneous with each new season. Hang a wreath made of simple greenery, magnolia leaves, or wheat. Want to take it to the next level? Paint your door a new color!

Mallorie wanted a little fun with the front door when they first renovated their home. That's why she chose a fun mustard yellow. It's bold, warm, and welcoming—all the things a front door should be.

Hang some string lights, light a fire, and dine outside.

We know it sounds crazy, but evening dining outside is enjoyable. Jim Rasberry likes to grill on the outdoor patio while the rest of their family and friends gather around the fire pit. Besides the food, hanging lights and the perfect playlist are the secrets to hosting a dreamy outdoor supper. 

Freshen up the dining room and breakfast nook.

One of the greatest joys is having a group over to enjoy food, drinks, and exciting conversation. It brings life to a space when we share it with others. A fun way to make dinner or breakfast a celebratory occasion is to change the table runner, centerpieces, and dishware. These orange buffalo-checked pillows can be used for any season!

Switch out your candles, soaps, and room sprays. 

It's not as hard as you think to transport from the hot, overbearing summer days to a chilly walk in the park with a cup of warm cider in hand. All it takes is a delectable, warm scent, and suddenly, you're there. Mallorie's favorite are the candles that make her guests think she's baking something in the oven! We've got a lot of candles, soaps, and room sprays on sale right now here

Whip up something delicious. 

Cooking a soup or a warm dish helps you get into the fall mood better than anything else. It's also Erin's favorite thing in the world. We love her Roasted Tomato Bisque recipe in the Rasberry home; the best thing is that the leftovers get better every day. 

Though Mallorie loves a perfectly curated home that could be magazine worthy, the magic of fall is not so much about strategically placed decor items. It's about creating an experience and a mood that makes you feel warmer, closer, and more connected with the people you cherish the most. 


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