Happy Birthday to the Lantern House!

The Lantern House, a New York Times Best Seller, celebrates its one-year anniversary this week! The book, written by Erin Napier and illustrated by Adam Trest, tells the story of how homes have feelings as different families inhabit them. 

Erin says, "Our first house that Ben and I renovated together will always be home to me, and I imagine that house also has feelings about its inhabitants. That's where the story came from. I was thinking about the stories our homes could tell about the things they've seen and the lives lived there. They've seen tragedy, but they've also see great celebrations and huge milestones. They comfort when things are scary." 

This book has struck a deep chord with both adults and children. While children enjoy the story and whimsical illustrations, many adults are moved to tears by memories of their childhood homes during different stages of life. It is truly an instant classic that can have a profound impact on anyone who reads it.

To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of The Lantern House, illustrator Adam Trest is releasing never-before-seen prints that were not included in the final edit of the book. 

Erin says, "There is an immortality in creating a book. It's gonna be in a library long after we are gone. What matters to me is remembering the generation before us and remembering the good work of the people who come before us and how we can take from that to create a new future."

The book is available for purchase in person at the Laurel Mercantile or wherever books are sold. You can also grab a copy of this beautiful book online. 

Happy One Year, Lantern House! Here's to many more years of this special book being added to the home libraries of families for years to come. May it continue to be a source of joy, comfort, and inspiration for people of all ages. 

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