Scotsman Food Truck Park: The 5000

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A bare green space once surrounded the Scotsman General Store and Woodshop, but it now hosts some of Laurel's most delicious food trucks. Pappadough's Pizza will get its feature soon, but today, we're focusing on the blue and white food truck with a delightful aroma seeping from its open windows.

Passersby can't help but stop and smell what The 5000 is cooking up each day. It doesn't hurt that the truck staff is the friendliest and most family-like staff you'll meet. (That's because a lot of the team are family!)

After one bite, a first-time foodie or frequent customer will know this little food truck is full of life and flavor, and we have the Hogue family's good taste and recipes to thank.

Bill and Julie Hogue, a couple initially from Arizona, moved to Laurel in 2018 with four out of their ten children. After visiting Laurel a few times, they knew they wanted to settle down in the south and plant roots. They didn't realize that their little food truck would attract attention from across the country after their Home Town episode aired in 2019. 

The 5000 serves up a diverse Southwest-style menu, including street tacos, specialty fries, and the best dang grilled cheese on this side of the Mississippi River. (Erin can attest to this!)



 Bill says, "When we moved to Laurel, we knew we wanted to bring business here and get involved in the community. We wanted to be a part of everything." While launching headfirst into a new small town and business is challenging, the Hogues saw it as an adventure and a way to spend more time together, doing what they love to do.


He says, "We've learned a lot over the last 30 years about putting ourselves out there. I feel that you'll get back much more if you put everything you've got into what is right in front of you."

We're so glad the Hogue continues to pour everything they have into their dishes and their hospitality. We're better for their friendship, and our waistlines are little together for it. 

Be sure to visit the Scotsman General Store and Woodshop this summer and grab a bite to eat from The 5000 at the Food Truck Park every day from 10-5.

P.S. — The Food Truck is open on Summer Friday nights until 7 pm!