The Bell House

The Bell brothers are back in town! And they're bringing their incredible hospitality and cooking skills with them.

That's right, Laurel! Connor and Elliot Bell have traded the Florida sun for old roots. We just can't believe the transformation that this old house has gone through! Bringing a new space to the town of Laurel that will offer a variety of fresh eats and a really awesome atmosphere is extremely exciting. This small town loves to eat and we especially love to see families make their way back here! 

Connor and Elliot worked with local artist Adam Trest to create the stunning branding that you see throughout the newly renovated and soon to be cafe! You heard it right. Our first commercial project, and we're kind of head over heals for it. There's also a newly renovated apartment on the back side of the cafe that will be Connor's new space! We call that really dedicated to your job. 

We are absolutely not getting over, at least any time soon, those stunning antique windows that were used as a dividing wall for the main dining room. Breathtaking! Anyone else immediately trying to figure out where they can incorporate one of these somewhere in your life? Well no worries, if you can't then you'll just have to come visit and eat at the new Bird Dog Cafe and if you wanna know the meaning behind that namesake you'll have to make your way over to Laurel and ask the Bell brothers yourself. We know they would love to talk about it! 

Y'all these floors are original. Beautifully restored and brought back to life! Now all the folks who have walked through here are still with us and now a whole new group of people get to walk them for the first time. While filming, Erin found out that she had a special connection to this space and for the first time realized what bringing the good old stuff back to life really meant. 

The new apartment space comes with a fully equipped gorgeous kitchen, one bath, and one bedroom. The bedroom doubles as a living room and hangout area with a murphy bed strategically placed to pull down for nights! 

We can't wait to come eat here and hang out here for hours at a time! Welcome home, guys and thank you for your support and belief in this little city. We know that you both are going to do such great things for this community!


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