The Sullivan House

A downtown loft that dreams are made of! That’s what we think of when we look at the Sullivan home. They’ve been our neighbors for some time now but a little (or a lot of) a face lift is what this beautiful downtown loft needed. Investing in this space was an easy decision for the Sullivans! Living in a town the size of Laurel is perfect because you know your neighbors and all your neighbors are friends. If I need help with anything around my house or at my office, I know I can count on my neighbors to help out. It's a great feeling.-Sullivan 

 The Sullivan's are no strangers to the town of Laurel, and when they reached out to Erin and Ben to help with the incredible loft apartment that they owned in the heart of downtown, it was an emphatic yes! This has been such a special project. Erin and Ben first came home as newlyweds to a loft apartment downtown that they put their heart and soul into renovating and restoring. Ever since, another loft has been a goal of theirs! 

 "I think renovating a Loft apartment would be significantly different than the other Home Town remodels and it would be an excellent opportunity for the viewers to see Downtown Laurel."-Sullivan

David and his wife Taneia knew going into this renovation that the outside deck repairs were at the top of their priority list. There was an old greenhouse, a major leak, and the whole space was drab, but what's the best part about a loft in the heart of downtown? Arguably, the view of course! How can you not want a space to sit and enjoy a rooftop view of the city beautiful. We are expecting lots of outdoor gatherings here in the future. 


The rest of the apartment, while in great condition, needed some major love. Staying on the Sullivan's budget while still adding to the already filled character of the home was a huge task. Operation rescue this beautiful loft commenced! The outcome, absolutely stunning. It's masculine, chic, and filled with charm. Anyone ready to cozy up next to this gorgeous fireplace?

The bathroom saw a huge transformation and because it's the main one and connected to the master bedroom, it was a must. That tub, y'all! Absolutely stunning. Speaking of master bedroom, anyone else ordering the materials to recreate that stunning DIY from Erin and Mal immediately? That headboard was so fun and creative and went perfect with the aesthetic of the space! 


Thank you Sullivan family for continuing to invest in this community and the beautiful, historic division of downtown Laurel. We hope you guys are getting to enjoy this incredible new space! 



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