The End of Summer and the Start of Something New

As the summer ends, our spirits lift in hopes for a hastened fall season, but we can't help to notice how quickly things have changed. We've relished the moments spent together the last two months with our families and friends, afternoons spent on a porch, and long days basking by a pool wherever we can find one. When we've marinated long enough in the slow, sleepy summer, a new season thrusts us forward again into the busyness of August, September, and so on.

While we welcome cooler weather with open arms, it's always surprising how the summer season makes things bloom and burst at the seams, particularly our little ones. Babies don't keep, you know?  


It's hard to imagine the once little girl in her onesie now wearing a tiny rainbow-colored backpack and taking her "first day of school" picture. It's like whiplash to think four years have passed without us realizing it. It happens so fast.  


While we can't hold onto our little ones forever, we hope that each August's arrival will help us remember how precious these days are. We hope to store these memories somewhere sacred but live in the present fully and revere now more dearly than ever. 



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