The Helen House

They do everything with the purpose of restoring the lives of others and their home town little by little. Mike and Lisa Cochran are two of the most incredible human beings that you will ever meet and have both been Laurel natives for a very long time. Lisa was a graduate of West Jones High School and she met Mike through Leadership Jones County, the two just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, they bought an old 1986 airstream to restore.. They thought it would be great to use it to travel but also have as an option to temporarily house someone that could be in need. How incredible are they?! That brings us to their journey with Erin, Ben, and the hometown crew. They had a vision and dream to restore a home that would house women that were coming out of rehab. Out of this dream, came The Helen House. Lisa named this home after her own mother that died of heart failure just a few days after coming home from a rehab facility for prescription drug abuse. Her vision for the space is beautiful...

"In life God gives us the opportunity to choose how we use our stories and brokenness. Instead of being angry at her for dying...We chose to celebrate her life by helping other women coming out of rehab."


Restoration set forth for so many, in a physical and mental way. This story on #HGTVHomeTown is one for the record books. The Cochrans knew that this was a very unique project, as they would be renovating with the knowledge that they weren't actually moving into the home themselves. They wanted something that felt warm and inviting, nice yet not too extravagant. In any normal home, you may look for something with a ton of storage but The Cochrans were intentional in picking a space that wouldn't leave a ton of empty cubbards for the family moving in, in case that made them feel like they didn't have the means to fill the space. This could lead to unnecessary purchases for a family that is starting over! The heart behind every single thought going into this project was intentional. 



Erin and Lisa share a love for the intentional and purposeful details so Lisa felt very confident throughout the whole process that Erin would understand that and execute that vision perfectly. 

"I loved letting go and trusting Erin's vision. ( Lisa). I am one that likes to add special touches to things and I knew Erin would do that as well. I looked forward to all her intentional touches and ideas. For Mike, seeing the house completed and the craftsmanship that we could not personally do was his favorite."



The home is so warm and welcoming. It is also energy efficient and the utility bills have been minimal which is great for a single mom. The layout is open to allow the family to function separately but together as well. The kitchen is open and that is our favorite part. The bathroom was SCARY when they first saw this house but they managed to take it and make it pretty and functional. 

"We plan to continue using the home for women in recovery. We know that we are changing the future of the mother and the children living in this home. That drives us daily."

Since the completion of their renovation The Cochrans have already moved in a mother and her small children into Helen's House. They let us know that they have utilized the desks and table that Ben built so often during this last year as they've had lots of learning time from home! During this year they also had a unique opportunity to purchase one of the oldest buildings in downtown Laurel and open up another business with purpose called The Remnant. It is a retail store in Laurel that provides means through things such as the resale of clothing and furniture to go to these women and families in recovery. 

"Three of our ladies are working in the store and contributing in such unique ways. Their organization skills and artistic abilities are such gifts in making the store have a unique shopping experience and success."
"We knew that Erin and Ben would put their heart and soul into the project just like we would. We hope by exposing "recovery" not just in drug addiction, but also our forgotten neighborhoods that it would encourage others to look at the forgotten people and areas in our communities. We do not want neighborhoods to develop just for the wealthy to middle class but safe neighborhoods for lower income families too."
Mike and Lisa, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do as a blessing for these families and women that are getting back on their feet and also for what this means to our town of Laurel. You are making a difference and we support you in every way! 
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