The Home Town Look: Filling Your Home With Art

As a lifelong artist herself, Erin Napier knows that one of the best ways to make a house feel like a home is to fill the walls with beautiful art. 

Whether it's an unexpected framed print here or a large scale canvas there, curating an art collection that is meaningful and personal to you as the homeowner is one of the best ways to get the Home Town Look. 

Since we all can't have Erin Napier styling and decorating our homes, we can learn a lot of tricks and tips for creating a space that instantly feels like home that's full of unique charm just by watching HGTV's Home Town. 

Erin and Ben Napier In front of a collection of art in a Home Town Home

Read on as we take cues directly from Erin's playbook for how she selects art for the homes she styles. 

1. Find Your Style

Framed art over a fire place styled by Erin Napier

Art hung over a bed designed and styled by Erin Napier

Choosing art for your home begins with understanding your personal style. Take cues from the overall aesthetic of your living space. Whether your home exudes a contemporary vibe or embraces a more traditional feel, aligning your art choices with your decor sets the tone for a harmonious environment.

Consider the colors, patterns, and themes that dominate your space. This will guide you in selecting art pieces that seamlessly integrate into your home, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing atmosphere.

2. Embrace Diversity

Art Collection in a home styled by Erin Napier

Built in Bookshelves styled by Erin Napier for Home Town

A key aspect of picking unique and special art is to embrace diversity in your selections. Don't limit yourself to a single medium or genre; explore a variety of art forms. Mix paintings, sculptures, photographs, and even handmade crafts to introduce a dynamic and eclectic touch to your home.

Seek out pieces from local artists or explore global influences to infuse your space with a rich tapestry of cultural expressions. By diversifying your art collection, you not only add visual interest but also create a story within your home that reflects your diverse tastes and experiences.

3. Make it Personal

Entryway Art styled by Erin Napier

Adam Trest Artwork in a home styled by Erin Napier

The most special and unique art pieces are often those that hold a personal connection to you. Look for art that resonates with you on a deeper level – pieces that evoke emotions and/or memories. (And you know how much we appreciate memories and personal stories around here.)

Consider commissioning custom artwork or incorporating pieces created by friends and family. This personal touch not only makes your home feel more unique but also infuses it with sentimental value. Your home becomes a canvas that tells your story through the carefully curated art that adorns its walls.

4. Play with Scale and Placement

Living Room Styled by Erin Napier


Experimenting with scale and placement can elevate the impact of your art choices. Instead of sticking to conventional arrangements, play with different sizes and heights to create visual interest. Large statement pieces can become focal points, while a gallery wall featuring a mix of smaller artworks adds charm and character.

Consider unconventional spaces, such as above doorways or tiny hallway bathrooms, to showcase your art in unexpected ways. Playing with scale and placement allows you to express your creativity and ensures that your chosen pieces become an integral part of your home's design.

Open Concept living spaces designed by Erin Napier

Picking beautiful and unique art for your home is a blend of personal expression, diversity, and thoughtful curation. By understanding your style, embracing diverse art forms, fostering personal connections, and experimenting with scale and placement, you can transform your living space into a gallery that not only reflects your tastes but also tells a captivating story.

Take these cues from Erin as she infuses personality into the homes they renovate, and let your art choices breathe life into your living spaces.

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