The Moffett House

Welcome home, Jeff!

Like most people who are getting ready to set off into the real world, they aspire to leave their home and find something new and exciting that they can settle into! For Jeff Moffett, it was no different. He grew up in Laurel but found himself wanting more and moved away for a short time. He moved back to Laurel when he was finishing up school and that was when he fell in love with the city and has been here ever since. When purchasing a home, he was looking for a good neighborhood that was close to work, and he found just that!

"I liked the location and neighborhood so the house was a great choice for me. After the 2020 tornado, I was blessed to stay in a rental downtown then I moved into a house that was on the show in a previous season. The design and style were great, so after that, I knew Home Town was an easy decision."

Jeff is an incredible asset to the city of Laurel, as he owns and runs a local medical clinic. He loves his family and enjoys being with them as much as possible. We're really glad you stuck around, Jeff! He bought a beautiful mid-century fixer-upper in the heart of Laurel because he loves that style and wanted to keep the home within that realm of design but just modernize it a bit.

"I love clean and orderly spaces. The mid-century feel suits me well."

Let's peek inside this gorgeous space!

 Thanks for loving Laurel, Jeff! We’re glad you’re here. 

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