The Fukuda House


"To say that we are ecstatic about having our home on the show is an understatement. We never in a million years would have been able to create this on our own. We are proud to say it is ours, and every time we drive up to it our hearts fall in love all over again."

We're not sure that it gets any better than that! Y'all meet the Fukuda family and take a peek inside their beautiful home.

The Fukuda's asked the Home Town team for something simple in a space. They didn't need anything grand or fancy but, in their words, "a hobbit home, a fairytale home... something that was warm, friendly, cozy, and peaceful." 

As you'll quickly notice, The Fukuda family was extremely motivated to incorporate copper features into their home and they got just that! "Copper was the driving force for us. We love it. The use of copper in the home was the most exciting." 

This was especially exciting for Novi Creations owner and operator Shauna Stockstill, who is a master behind some beautiful copper creations. We were so excited to see a local Laurel business showcased in this episode. Kathy and Shauna, y'all just might be copper soul sisters! 

Fukuda family we are SO glad that you guys decided to take a chance on Laurel and make it your home! Welcome to the family. 


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