The Tarrant House

From New York City to small town Mississippi. What would have been just a new job in a different city for those who work in the production industry, quickly became so much more for Angie. Now, here we are six years later and she is putting down roots in Laurel. 

"Besides me and Ben and Erin, our director of photography Tim Harland is the only other crew member who has worked on every single episode in Home Town history. You can imagine that creates quite a bond. Helen calls him Uncle Tim, and I call him whenever I need a little wisdom. We have an incredible crew, so hardworking and talented, most of whom have been with us for several seasons. They often feel more like family members than colleagues, with all of the good stuff and the complications that entails. And also made it possible for me to be so vulnerable during this episode. I can't thank them enough, and they never get enough credit! I was so happy we got to show a little of the camaraderie we have on set in this special episode. We always say doing good work and having fun are not mutually exclusive!"

We're not in the least surprised that the Home Town crew became family. It's what we Mississippians do. We offer helping hands, we bake a casserole when you're sick, and we do what we have to do in order to help our neighbor. Doesn't matter where you came from or where you're headed, when you're passing through our neck of the woods you're apart of our circle and we love big! 

After Angie experienced a tremendous loss this past year, with the passing of her mother, the search for "home" began. Angie expresses that even though she grew up living in several different places, home for her was always wherever her mother was. While we know it couldn't ever even come close to replacing her, we are so darn happy that you chose to stay in Laurel. 

We loved seeing all of the beautiful tributes to her mom throughout the home! What a beautiful way to keep her with you every day, Angie. 

It was so fun to get a behind-the-scenes look while watching Tarrant's episode. She's definitely no typical homeowner and how fun it was for all of us to see it all play out! 

"Obviously I'm not just like any other homeowner. It was never a question of whether I wanted to have my house renovated on the show. I know this design and construction team and trust them beyond measure. With Erin, Shotgun Design Group's Amanda Connelly and Lake And Land's Bill Holloway and Luke Sippel leading the design and Norman construction's Chase Jackson and licensed contractor Katie Hinton overseeing the renovation I had no doubt it would be a huge success. I would never do it any other way!" 

I think we would all agree that, heck yes the whole team did an incredible job! Let's take another look inside Angie's beautiful new space.


"For the record I love the color and everything else about the house. Yes, the pool and backyard are my (and Luna's) favorite "rooms", though it's been too cold to swim so far! I got the shoes out of the oven and cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and love working in my new office or on the front porch. The steam shower works and I use it often, but not as often as the soaking tub. It really is a luxurious retreat, but also feels more and more like home each day!"

Guess we'll just have to come over when warmer weather hits to soak in that pool with you! Welcome home, Angie. May it be full of laughter and many happy days.

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