The Rasberry House

The Rasberry family are in no way strangers to Laurel. We've watched so many of them pave the way for entrepreneurs and businesses for so many years, and seeing them continually help in the revitalization of our beloved city probably won't end any time soon. They are key partners in the growth of this place, and we love getting a front row seat, especially on this week's episode of #HGTVHomeTown! 
"Being a native of Laurel, I grew up loving downtown.  Some of the greatest memories growing up were going to the downtown area where it was always packed with people. It was amazing. The retail stores were great, and EVERYTHING happened downtown from theaters to restaurants to where you purchased ALL of your clothes and school supplies!  As I grew up and saw the decline of downtown, I committed myself to a lifetime of doing what I could to build it back."-Danny Rasberry 
"I'm proud of the impact that my family and I have had on Laurel and the downtown area.  We helped make a difference and we had people that followed.  I love today's leadership.  It was and will always be about the passion that the business owners have and their commitment in time, money, and creativity. I have renovated homes and commercial buildings for over three decades, so I loved the idea of turning over a project to Jim, Mallorie, Josh, Emily, Ben and Erin. "-D. Rasberry
Since the reveal they have continued to do even more work on this home, including putting on a new roof and completing the second floor. This is just one addition to the commitment and restoration that they have made to this particular avenue in Laurel. It's actually Danny's sixth project on that avenue in the last five years and we are all really proud of the positive impact they have made there. 
Let's take a look inside the Rasberry home! 
"Proud of my entire family for what they have done not only for Laurel but Jones County and the state of Mississippi."-D. Rasberry