Visit Like A Local

Visit Like a Local
If you’re looking to experience the all charm of our small, southern Home Town, we've got you covered! While there is an extensive list of cultural, tasty and fun things to do over a 2-3 day period, a day in Laurel is the perfect amount of time to get the full Home Town experience.
Itinerary for the perfect Day in Laurel:
1. Park at the Laurel Mercantile Flagship Store 
The Laurel Mercantile Flagship Store be your first stop in town! Take a step back in time as you explore the curated selection of nostalgic American-made goods and ask our guest services team for directions and a map to help navigate around town! Be sure to grab a selfie in front of the murals! 
2. Experience Laurel Mercantile's Scent Library
Walk across the Merc Yard, right into Erin's beloved Scent LibraryThe Scent Library is the new home for the candles that we have all come to know and love. When Erin first had the dream of creating candles, she had no idea there would one day be a whole 2,400 square foot building devoted to her treasured scent memories.
3. Explore the Downtown Laurel Shopping District
Downtown Laurel is home to the most robust selection of boutiques and shopping experiences...we have something for everyone and you'll probably even recognize several of the stores and owners from appearing on Home Town!
4. Walk over to Scotsman General Store and take a look into the woodshop where Ben's Workshop is filmed!
As an ode to old timey country stores, we want our guests to have that authentic experience. Ben, Josh and Jim designed every inch of this location - right down to the music playlist. Grab a glass bottle soda from the walk-in cooler, shop our curated collection nostalgic American Made goods and maybe even catch a glimpse of Ben filming in the woodshop through the big glass window! 
5. Get A Snowball From the Scotsman Snowball Stand at Scotsman General 
As you walk into the Scotsman Co. General store, you can't miss the sign that says Scotsman Co. Snowball . Inside you'll find a long wooden bar top with high seats, shelves lined with candies and snacks, a friendly face, and a creative menu of flavors. Enjoy your snowball on the Observation Deck along with treats from the Food Truck Park.


 6. Grab lunch 

7.  Visit the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art
Mississippi's first Art Museum, The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, is located right at the start of our historic residential area. It's a must see! 
8. Walk Down A Historic Avenue
Take a stroll down 5th or 6th Avenue to take in all the local may even recognize a few of the houses!
9. Dinner Downtown
Rest your feet and have a delicious dinner at one of our locally owned and operated restaurants.
10. Enjoy a cup of cream at one of our downtown ice cream shops
We can't think of a better way to wrap up a full day in Laurel! 
To better plan your trip, download our city map here
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