#1,083 The Polar Express.

Tonight the youth group hosted a fundraiser movie night at the old theatre next door and we were amazed by how many families came out for it. Almost every seat was taken! The youth sold popcorn and Cokes down the aisles, then as people were exiting the courtyard, they served them free hot chocolate. It felt so good to see all those people supporting our students and downtown rather than leaving Laurel for the night. You don’t have to have bars to be a fun town, you just have to give people something to do with their whole family.

This is what the theatre looked like 40 minutes before showtime, and it was packed by 7:00!

I stood in the door of the theatre and it reflected the sign in the lobby. Maybe the coolest photo I’ve ever taken:

While the youth moms were inside making a million bags of popcorn, the youth guys were out front making over 200 cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows to be ready the minute the movie let out.

Events like this always make me overwhelmingly proud of our youth. They did an awesome job of being hosts for the night.