#1,119 White Paint Saturday.

Today we were without agenda. We had originally planned to watch the Ole Miss game at my parents’ house until daddy came down with something like the flu. No thank you. So we started by taking the dogs on their first ever ride in the new truck. Chevy was horrified, Baker enjoyed it. There was a lot of slobber. Ben was pleased as punch to finally haul his dogs in his truck like a proper southerner.

We watched the bowl game and read. Ole Miss won, of course. Hotty. Toddy.

I cooked dinner, roast with vegetables, garlic broccoli and cheese, salad. Mitter is low carb again so I made a little macaroni just for me.

The painter came this morning and finished the pantry. We put everything in its place and found that there is a TON of unused space. Sweet!


And this afternoon Ben got a wild hair and painted the cab white, like it would have been originally. Since it started raining this afternoon, the humidity is slowing the drying time. Tomorrow, it’ll look a little something like this. You like that Christmas gift wrap we used, I know.

After dinner, we watched a movie that I found to be very pretty, but boring.

It was a typical Wes Anderson movie, but nothing will ever compare to The Royal Tenenbaums for us.