#1,120 Scary Then Nice Sunday.

I got a phone call that my grandmother had fallen down this morning. Daddy has something like the flu and doesn’t need to be around her, and mama was in Jackson, so they depended on me to go sit with her for a little while to be sure she was okay. I spent the morning with her, and after church my brother came there and we had lunch together. She said she felt fine, it just scared her, and I was glad to be there with her for a little while until she could forget it. We scolded her for not using her walker, she laughed about it. She says she doesn’t have time for it. Well, okay I guess.
I think in her mind, sometimes she’s still 20 years old.
When I got home, Ben was home from church and we took the dogs for a really long walk.

And when we got home, the paint was finally dry enough to pull the tape and newspaper off the truck. It’s totally changed the look of it and we’re crazy about how it turned out.

And before long it was time for youth at the Baileys’ house and homemade brick oven pizza. The college boys are in town and were invited to come back to youth for one more night and we had 33 people including youth and parents there for pizza. It was so crowded and rowdy!

And then since Jim and Mal spent the weekend at their condo on the coast, we went over tonight to see Jim’s new pride and joy:

My blogs have gotten to where they always cover way more than just 1 good thing, but I guess that’s a good thing. You see what I did there?