#1,154 Caffeine Free + Isaac’s 6th.

I’m on my second day of caffeine and aspartame free living. I don’t have any problem with caffeine, but the more I read about aspartame and artificial sweeteners in diet soda, the more it freaks me out. I usually wake up and have a Coke Zero with my breakfast every morning, and I could have a real Coke I suppose but I don’t need all that sugar. I got a headache this afternoon, but it was quickly relieved by Auntie Anne and a dose of Aleve:

We also had an insane Chuck E. Cheese experience at Isaac’s 6th birthday party this morning.

Followed by a birthday party for my brother at mama and daddy’s. That consisted of daddy’s attempt at guilting us all into buying a place in Oxford. Which doesn’t sound half bad, does it?