#1,563 The Answer. Finally.

The surgery is behind me. It’s done. And it went really really well. In fact, I’m over the moon regardless of my oddly shaped and swollen belly and sore muscles. Today Dr. Moore feels confident that he found and removed what’s been making me sick since 2005. I’ve apparently had chronic appendicitis off and on for so long, and today he found it—looking very sickly and covered in scar tissue. I’m thankful for brilliant doctors who consider unexpected surprises, and take care of them right on the spot. We got there at 8 am, they set up my IV, then we spent the morning waiting for my surgery which started around 12.

These 3 had me laughing the entire wait. Daddy told us, “I think my muscles are too big from working out. My pants are tight.” 

Also, “I want to get some of that $5 pizza from Little Caesers when this is over with.”

After a little crying and hyperventilation, they gave me some Versed to put me at ease. And by noon they were rolling me down the hallway and I was getting goodbye kisses from Ben and Mama. While I was asleep, Dr. Moore removed all the scar tissue that’s had my internal organs stuck together like glue. This scar tissue would have rendered me unable to have kids in the future since there would be no way for things to stretch and grow, but he removed it all. He removed all the endometriosis that had attached itself to the organs on the right side of my body, he removed an ovarian cyst, and then removed my puny appendix. Mama and Daddy said that when he came to get them after my surgery, he was excited and told them he was really happy about what they found, that they were able to remove it. I owe him so much. I can’t wait to give him a little surprise when we see him for my checkup in April. They even released me afterward to go home. I had the choice to stay there for the night, but I felt well enough and nothing beats being at home when you’re feeling rough. Now I have 4 tiny incisions all over, each about 1 cm long. Hoping the scars will fade by the summer since I got a new swimsuit from ASOS.

I also bought this really beautiful Indian caftan just for my recovery since anything touching my waist and belly is painful, and it’s been so so comfortable all evening. Like I’m just wearing a floral bedsheet that doesn’t bind me up. Have you ever had one? I’ll be wearing this one to death this summer. You really ought to get yourself one.

I’m on some very strong pain medicines and the anesthesia hasn’t really worn off yet. Forgive me if this post is incoherent crazy talk.