#1,716 Football Season is Here.

Every year, my birthday nearly coincides with the kickoff of college football which means a football party at my parents’ with BBQ, red velvet, and my daddy happier than a little child on Christmas morning. We missed Clark, Amanda and Walker—they stayed home since Amanda came down with a bug. And this year the fun was dulled a little by my cold and the resulting cold medicine which kept me in a little of a fog, but being surrounded by my family and our closest friends is just about the best you could ask for 2 days before you turn 29 years old.


Mama gave me a beautiful new lantern for our porch dinner table with an electric candle inside that looks real enough to burn you. So cool! Mallorie gave me a Linnea’s Lights pumpkin candle, and Mrs. Melinda gave me a vintage sleeping gown. All excellent and thoughtful surprises when I certainly wasn’t expecting to get anything at all.

Even better—it looks like our Rebs are going to pull out the win over Boise State. Hotty toddy.

Once again, you saved the day with your sweet comments and encouragements on yesterday’s post. So thankful for every one of you.