#1,791 The Rev + Samuel Lockhart Nowell.

So here’s what happened. Ben’s daddy had major (semi-emergency) heart surgery bright and early this morning. We spent about 6 hours in the nicest critical care waiting room I’ve ever seen—with leather recliners and free wifi and a really good food court.

 Sam graded exams, we read books and slept.

Finally, this week, Lyn is doing so much better than she was immediately after her October surgery, and it made me feel so much better about her—to wrap my arms around her and see her in person.

Around 1:00 we got the phone call in the waiting room and they told us the great news—The Rev made it through like a champ, did great in surgery and the doctors have been astounded by how quickly he awoke, was responsive, and feeling immediately afterward. They said they’ve never seen anyone so calm and doing so well immediately post-op. He was talking and eating ice chips tonight, when most patients are still unconcious on a ventilator. It was nothing short of miraculous and we’re all totally overjoyed that we’ve got our big daddy for many many more years because they were able to help him before something irrevocable happened. Thank y’all so much for your prayers.

I was being vague about it last night just in case any of you sweet people reading know Ben’s daddy personally. There’s nothing to worry about now, he’s doing great and has been very adamantly asking for no visitors or phone calls, please.

Next up, Josh and Emily have a son! Samuel Lockhart Nowell was born this evening around 5:00, weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 21 inches long. We rushed back from Tupelo once we got to see him after the heart surgery so we could meet the baby, and true to form, we walked into their room to find Emily all chipper and smiling, Josh toting around his brand new boy.

What I learned today is—my father-in-law is superman and Emily is my hero. How lucky are we to know and love such tough, resilient people?
It’s a great day in our family. Good night, friends.