#1,838 Trip Home.

It was a slow, quiet, COLD day, and I spent the first part of it working at my computer in Ben’s mama’s sewing room. Not surprisingly, I had some emails to catch up on from the break. Around 4:00 we loaded up our bags and headed back home through the freezing misty farmland.

 And stopped for supper at…

Well, you know us. If it’s cold outside, we’re gonna be fireside at the Cracker Barrel getting a pancake.

Ain’t no shame in it.
Now we’re home cozy, and just finished watching This is Where I Leave You, which was (thankfully, much lighter and sweeter than the (darker, grittier) book. I didn’t like the book much, but Jason Bateman and Tina Fey transformed my mental image of the family. All in all, it’s a sweet story about how humans are flawed, but there can always be a new start. It was sorta sweet, pretty funny. 
And now, I will commence the non-holiday regular life in which I start eating food like a person who cares about living past the age of 40. Goodnight, friends!