#1,839 Girl Time + The Old Try.

Somehow, for no reason at all, Lindsay, Mary Hannah and Alexis all wandered up to Lucky Luxe this afternoon to hang out which resulted in a 3 person internship that begins tomorrow. Lindsay has been planning on it for a while, but now we’ll be 4 gals working on this and that for the next few days while they’re still on Christmas break and once school is in, Lindsay will be around in the afternoons after class. It’s really a lot of fun having someone to talk about work with who is interested. I feel like if I had had that experience when I was at the end of high school and the early years of college I would have felt more prepared for the working world earlier. I hope they’ll learn a thing or two while we’re hanging out in the coming weeks, and if not, maybe they can tell me about good new music at least.

These 3 are going to do something good with their lives.

Mark my words.

Also, got an exciting collaboration on the horizon for 2015 with The Old Try! Ahhhh!