#1,864 Houses.

The art supply store. It’s a wonderland. I’ve been doing a whole lot of painting these days and I’m realizing that an artist is only as good as her tools—which I’m severely lacking. I’ve been using tired old brushes and garbage masking fluid for too long, and I realized yesterday how much faster I could work if I’d just go to the store and get what I need. So this morning we knocked around the house and then I walked over to the studio to do a little work while Ben oiled the butcher block counters in our kitchen, and it was the loveliest day out there. I got to wear just a button down and a sweater, which was just right for the winter/spring chill.

In the afternoon, Ben, Jim and I went to Hattiesburg to visit Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and then about a million other stops that were for them, too. Because this was a mostly guy trip with Mal out of town for the day. We got everything I needed, had dinner at Tabella (that salad! that soup!), then went on back home. I couldn’t wait to go over to the shop to get my new supplies all organized in my new box thing, which is actually just a flattened overpriced tacklebox, but I still like it very much.

Camille, the tote you sent us from Belgium is with me ALL the time, and is the keeper of all my supplies. You have no idea how handy it is or how much I love it!


And I organized all the house portraits I’ve done in the last few months into a cutesy little storage box thing.

I can only imagine how tired you are of my talking about work lately. I’m a little tired too, but January is typically our busiest month of the year on top of some other… big… projects we’ve got in the works. Which leads me to some important questions for you. Alright. You ready?

1. Are you about to begin a major old house renovation in Laurel? Preferrably, in the historic district? If so, we might be able to help.

2.  Thinking about buying an old house in Laurel in the near future and not afraid of a major renovation? If so, we might be able to help. If not, click here, then reconsider.

So. You know. Holler at me.

It could be really fun.