#2,660 The Holloway House.

Tonight’s episode of Home Town is easily one of the most powerful of the season, and we got to share it with Bill and Jody (the homeowners) and friends and neighbors at a watch party tonight that was so fun and rowdy, full of cheering and hugging and eating and crying and clapping, everyone could feel how special it was.

After a reception and dinner, we all gathered at the event venue down the street to settle in and watch the show…

But the wifi lost its signal and we lost the live feed. PANIC ENSUED FOR 30 SECONDS as the entire party ran down the block to the local bank, with their cable TV and folding chairs. It was hysterical, and I wouldn’t trade that moment for the world.


I can’t believe it, but #HGTVHomeTown trended #1 on Twitter.


And this was the absolute best remark about the show of the night:


I felt like this episode showed our true colors. As a community, as makers, as designers, as a team. And I can’t thank y’all enough for spending your time watching it, friends.



We spent Sunday afternoon on the porch swing at Bill and Jody’s and it’s now available in our shop if your porch needs some cozy, breezy, craftsman style!

Photo by Mackenzie Hurt