#2,662 Late Morning + Day at the Store.

We slept in this morning since on Tuesday nights we stay up waaaay too late, too wired to sleep. When we woke up, Ben’s mama was working at her laptop in the living room sipping coffee and watching the news. I found the mountain of clean laundry I’ve been putting off for a week had been folded and separated and I stood there feeling grateful for a mama in law who would never guilt or criticize us for this and who eats red bell peppers dipped in ranch with me. I got lucky marrying into Ben’s family who have always treated me like I was one of their own, even if I don’t drink the cereal milk. Soon, Jesse stopped by, then my mama dropped in, and we all spent the morning in the living room laughing till we cried and talking about Regis and that dang nail gun. By lunchtime we were at the store and spent the afternoon meeting people from all over these United States who went out of their way to come to Laurel and see what’s going on around here. The leaders on my design team for the show, Amanda and Blake, were in town and came by to see us, too. It felt so good to hug their necks. It’s been too long.

The cool snap has been such a gift. What a dreamy day.