#2,663 Lunch with Mamas + Kenz.

We had lunch on the porch with our mamas today before Ben’s mom headed back home this afternoon. The weather was so perfect and the company so good, I forgot to take a photo because I was laughing at their stories. I’ve documented it with words here, and so that will do just fine.

After lunch I headed to the Mercantile to check on Mackenzie, our downtown neighbor and friend who is stepping in to help me with product photography since our schedules are becoming a little more demanding.

Work day hustle. #iliveinlaurel

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It was fun to walk her through the process of shooting this particular way, of remembering what’s important and what’s beautiful about product photos. I’m so thankful the Lord lead she and her husband to Laurel last year because they saw it in a little TV pilot called Home Town.