#2,279 Art of Healing.

Every year our hospital hosts a huge dinner party and auction of Mississippi-made art and everyone in town shows up to support it and raise money for free community health screenings for the year. This year I donated a custom house portrait and Ben donated the very last Scotsman Co. tray he made with wood from the Tews’ Home Town house, so we got tickets to come and see all the festivities.   


Mama wore a 15 year old dress and looked so elegant. I can only hope to carry myself with such class and style.

This year’s special guest speaker and donor was Mark Landis, one of the world’s most famous art forgers who happens to be a Laurelite. Have you seen the documentary about him called Art & Craft?! He suffers from schizophrenia, but it’s resulted in his ability to exactly replicate artworks by the masters that easily duped the most famous museums around the world. Google his story. It’s incredible.

Also incredible is Ben’s ability to look so natural in a suit and tie you would never guess he spends his days in boots and work pants covered in sawdust and wood glue. I have a major crush.

I ate way way more shrimp and grits than I should’ve. Better sleep it off.