#2,411 Will Power + Bub.

I want you to know I’m doing my very best to watch what I’m eating. I’m not calling it a diet, because I can’t diet. Not possible. All I can do is keep track of calories with an app and be diligent about it and that works for me. Thanks to craft services on set all day every day (with its peanut butter pretzel nuggets, Ritz Bitz, and Babybel cheeses abundantly available and at my fingertips) I find I’m feeling… Softer than I would like. And I’m trying to exercise harder in the morning but that’s not enough. So here I am, together again with My Fitness Pal. And then here’s what today threw at me. I ordered grilled nuggets… But found these when I sat down and opened my bag at the office:

And it nearly killed me, but I didn’t even take a tiny nibble. Not one. Cause I know it’s crack for me, and there would be no stopping. So I took them back and got my grilled nuggets. And I was happy with that. Then during our design meeting… They ordered this.

And it nearly killed me. But I stayed strong as a garlic milkshake and powered through without a single bite. And that’s my proudest moment, maybe ever.

Then tonight my parents had a cookout with the Keyes, some of our oldest family friends who are actually more like real family, and my big brother and I spent a lot of time together talking. Really talking. Because we get so busy, it’s hard to call and get together these days. I love him most on nights like this, when we have time to tell each other everything and our 8 year age gap doesn’t seem so big.