#2,832 Birthday Boy.

Today he turned 34 years old. I have been his girl since he was 21 years old. It feels like yesterday! After breakfast, he opened his little gifts. Books, of course.

And a new coat, exactly like an old coat he had.

The week before our wedding I bought @scotsman.co the brown coat as a wedding gift. I picked it specifically because I imagined him putting his wedding band inside that zippered pocket before working on saws or engines. Keeping it safe, against his heart. This winter we did so much traveling doing publicity for Home Town, the coat went missing somewhere along the way, probably disappearing down 57th Street in the back of a cab, a southern passenger on a New York adventure. For his birthday, I bought another one just like it. We are different now at 32 and 34, stronger together, knowing exactly who we are and who we want to be when we grow up, but I will always like the things that stay the same. Like old coats and gold wedding bands. Happy birthday, Big. #34

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After church, we got plate lunches to go from Vic’s, because we rarely let ourselves eat that hearty on Sunday afternoon.

But it’s birthday, so anything goes. Like a nap in the dark of a stormy afternoon, then dinner with the Mercantile framily at Jim and Mallorie’s house.

This week we will finish the last 2 reveals of block 1, and we were thankful for the rest this weekend finally brought. God has been so good to us, to give us more love and friendship in our life than we could ever imagine and I’m deeply grateful for it.