#2,429 Lily’s Granola.

If I could explain to you exactly how delicious my friend Lily’s homemade granola is, your mouth would water in such a way you couldn’t control yourself and you would go to the grocery store to look for something similar but you would come home with something totally inferior and unsatisfying in comparison. She used to make it and sell it at the farmer’s market, but as she and her husband Adam’s art and textile business kept growing, she stopped making that magic, addictive granola and I’ve craved it every day since. It’s full of toasted, salted pecans and sweet cranberries with chewy/crunchy toasted maple syrup coated oats that I’ve never tasted anywhere else before. And today, she delivered a ton of it bagged up for us and our amazing production crew as a little gift. I swear I grunted while I ate this bowl for supper tonight:

Thank you so much, Lily. This is such a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy week for me. You know what all good southerners know: food is a form of love. You’ve been a blessing!


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