#430 Adios, Amigos.

Next week, our friends Kandace and Beto are packing up their little family and moving to his hometown—Monterrey, Mexico, for 1 year. Tonight we had a going away party for them at Jonathan’s house and honestly it was one of the best get togethers we’ve had in a while. Hope did an awesome job organizing everything. Because I’m not as organized as Hope, I left home without my camera. I’m kicking myself right now. Just know that I left the house with this homemade strawberry cake with cream cheese icing (I did it again! MY SECOND CAKE!):
And this is what made it home:

I had no idea it was Beto’s favorite cake in the world. Nor did I know it would taste so good. I hate to toot my own horn, but… It was good. I won’t use the hated “m” word for little baby ears Annalee, but it was the opposite of dry.