#936 4th Cleaning + Party.

We woke up (late) and spent the morning and afternoon cleaning the house. I took the inside, Ben took the outside. I swept, mopped, then Mop n’ Glowed all the floors, cleaned the baseboards, bathroom, and doors while Ben clipped limbs that were growing close to the garage and hanging over the driveway, cleaned the gutters, mowed the grass and trimmed the hedges. Is there anything better than the smell of a just-cleaned house?

We got ourselves cleaned up just in time to make it to mama’s for a 4th of July cookout on the deck. I made pasta salad for the first time ever, Daddy grilled ribs, corn and asparagus, mama made fresh french bread with olive oil and herbs, and from scratch baked beans.  The weather felt fantastic, which was a sweet respite from the smothering heat we’ve been experiencing.