The Ladd House

Welcome home, Ladd family!

Isn't the day that you close on a new house, just newly married, just about one of the most exciting days you'll ever experience? There's so much joy wrapped around that time as you are beginning a new life together, a new season, a new town, a new job... While it can feel overwhelming, The Ladd's decided to take it all on full force! Meet Seth and Susan Ladd, y'all. One of the darn cutest, and sweetest couples in our little city. Seth is a native of the Laurel area and graduated at a local high school, while Susan is brand new to our little town having grown up in Tennessee. However, they have moved back to Laurel from the big city! Seth is a general surgeon and during one of the hardest years our country has ever seen, he was working every day at a hospital in New York City. Seth, we appreciate all that you've done for the people in this country- we do not take it lightly. Now we're really proud to have him back in Laurel as a general surgeon at SCRMC.

Susan is blazing her own path in Laurel, hitting the ground running as our brand new director of Laurel Main Street! LMS is at the center of the Laurel's comeback story and we are so excited to know Susan is bringing all of her bright spirit and fresh ideas to our sweet downtown! 

"THE PURPOSE OF Laurel Main Street is to establish a vibrant commercial district in and around Downtown Laurel, enhance our community and heritage, foster a center of activity and ensure economic stability for the heart of Laurel, Mississippi through concentrated efforts of design, promotion, organization and economic revitalization."- LMS Mission Statement

(Pictured: Seth and Susan the day they closed on their NEW home in Laurel!)

Maybe you're wondering, what's so special about Laurel and why is this young, vibrant couple choosing to move here to begin their forever home? Well, why not?! Laurel has so much to offer and seeing folks come back home is the greatest blessing. This city is thriving because of couples like Seth and Susan who believe in the movement and vision of what this city is striving for. Not just because of a tv show, but because of the people that make up the hometown that it's about.

"We love the mission of the show giving old homes new life.  We also love what Ben and Erin have done in Laurel and were happy to be a small part.  And let’s be honest, it’s nice to get a quality renovation in a expedited timeline."-Seth & Susan

For a couple that has been in the fast lane for a while, I think that knowing they would get an incredible renovation in a quick amount of time was such a huge push for going this route and choosing Home Town as a part of their journey! I mean, they were ready to be SETTLED and who can blame them?! Now, let's take a peek inside the gorgeous Ladd Home. 

The kitchen, what a dream! 

I spy an Adam Trest original!  

"Ben and Erin did such great job taking our personalities and curating a perfect home for us.  We are appreciative of all the hard work that went into the house from design, demo to putting it all back together.  They gave us a home that we feel comfortable in and proud to own. We love our house from the relaxing master suite, to the perfect entertaining kitchen/dining room, and the cozy family room."-Seth & Susan

We are all SO glad that you guys were able to get past some of that anxiety and give the reigns over to Ben, Erin, and the team. It was SO worth it, right? That gorgeous home is no longer living in the 1970s, it's living its best life in 2021 we would have to say. Stay tuned to catch The Ladd Home again on HGTV and head over to to shop some of the collection from their gorgeously renovated space! 

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