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Home Town Season 7

Episode 1


Hold onto your boots, the Napiers are heading to the country! Inspired by their own childhoods, Ben and Erin buy their very own country-side retreat just outside of Laurel, where they dream of creating a space where they can slow down and watch their daughters run free. Built in the 1930s, The Edwards house has all of its original millwork and character. With the help of their Framily (Mallorie, Jim and Josh), Ben and Erin roll up their sleeves to transform their new place into a classic English country house.

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Episode 2


A Laurel native, Brandon left to pursue a career as an engineer in Jackson, Mississippi. After tragedy struck his family in Laurel, Brandon reevaluated his priorities and is looking to move back to be closer to his loved ones. Ben and Erin show Brandon two fixer-uppers that both have a ton of potential.

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Episode 3


Alex and Wesley are newly engaged and looking to put down roots in Laurel, where Alex was born and raised. The couple has a unique opportunity to purchase Alex’s grandmothers house, The Beckman House, a sprawling 4000 sq. ft. bungalow, which comes with an unusual set of house rules. All about options, Ben and Erin want to show them a house that they can truly make their own.

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Episode 4

Bob and Linda fell in love with the southern Mississippi small-town vibe and are moving from California to spend their Golden Years in Laurel. They are looking for a historic “mini-mansion” that Ben and Erin can help restore and with a budget of $450,000. Ben and Erin are excited to show them two homes with different architectural styles.

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Episode 5

After adversity hit Chase in the form of brain cancer, Chase, his wife Corrinn, and their three children are finally ready slow down and be part the vibrant community of Laurel, Chase’s home town. With their budget of $375,000, Ben and Erin show them two houses in two very different neighbourhoods – one in the country and one in the city.

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Episode 6

After living on the outskirts of Chicago for the last 30 years, John wants to return to his Mississippi roots and share a quieter life with his wife, Karen. With a budget of $325,000, they’re looking for a house with a mudroom/laundry room and an open-concept kitchen with a walk-in pantry and living space, all with a modern design.

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Episode 7

Laurel hasn’t has a downtown inn for over three decades. Keri Rowell is a young ambitious entrepreneur who wants to bring the tradition of hotels, bars and entertainment back to the downtown core, starting with a four bedroom boutique inn right on Front Street. She’ll be converting the top floor of the Lott Furniture building, the oldest business in the city of Laurel.

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Episode 8

Mississippi natives, Rahkeam and LaDijonay are young entrepreneurs who are excited to embark on a new chapter together with the purchase of their first starter home in Laurel. With a new baby and an active preschooler, they’re looking for enough space to have bedrooms for each of their boys, a primary bedroom of their own, a big kitchen and a front porch. Most importantly, they’ve asked Ben and Erin to incorporate bright colors into the design to match their positive personalities!

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Episode 9

Hayley accepted a job in Laurel as the general manager for Laurel Mercantile Co. and is thrilled to be moving to Laurel. With a maximum budget of $150,000, she’s looking to purchase a cottage style home that speaks to her feminine and eclectic design style. The Walker house is 1500 sq. ft. and looks brand new on the outside, but inside is in scary shape.

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Episode 10

Empty-nesters Tony and Jennifer are saying goodbye to California and hello to a simpler small-town feel. They’re hoping to find a house with architectural charm, so Ben and Erin show them two options: The Magola House and the Sullivan House. The first house is situated on a corner lot and reminds Jennifer of an enchanted cottage, it has a lot to offer, but is lacking on outdoor space.

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Episode 11

A proud father of six, Mike is looking to spend more quality time with his kids during retirement. Since they are spread out all over the country, Laurel is the perfect place where all the kids can come and be together. With a budget of $300, 000, Mike’s looking for a historic house with lots of character…and a particular color palette: blue and white. Ben and Erin show Mike and his son Maclain two houses with enough room for all!

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Episode 12

Upon graduation, Marissa accepted a dream job as a communications specialist in Laurel and now she’d like to buy a house in town! Known for hosting great parties, whichever house Marissa chooses will need to be ideal for entertaining and she’d also like a custom mudroom for her dog, Daisy. With a budget of under $200,000, Ben and Erin show her The Holston House, which has an unusual feature that would have to go and they’d have to create an entire new room for Daisy.

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Episode 13

Mike’s early life as a troubled youth eventually led to incarceration. With a little help and a heart of gold, he’s turned his life around. Now, as he continues to pay it forward, he and his wife Cornise want to utilize a 250 sq. ft. guest cottage at the back of their property as a safe haven and respite for those who need it. Meanwhile, Ben and Erin’s best pals (Mallorie, Josh, and Jim) help them take on a massive project Erin has been dreaming about for years…opening a Scent Library in downtown Laurel.

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Episode 14

In an episode unlike any other, Ben and Erin tackle one of the biggest projects they’ve ever taken on! With three generations living under one roof, the Hollingsworths are the family that everyone in the neighborhood looks up to. However, after a tornado destroyed their long-time family home nearly three years ago, they haven’t been able to return.

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Episode 15

Chance and Emily are looking for a fresh start and have decided Laurel is the perfect spot. They’ve enlisted the help of Ben and Erin who show them two options. The first, a 1900 sq. ft. bungalow with an unusual floor plan that offers a huge kitchen and big primary suite. Next up, a 1700 sq. ft. house that features unique panelled walls, classic wood floors, but a back deck that needs work.

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Episode 16

Harley is a young artist and graphic designer who is buying her first house. Ben and Erin show Harley two houses which will satisfy Harley’s love of mid-century modern architecture and keep her under a $300,000 budget. The Ingram house is a huge 3300 sq. ft., and will require pulling back its excessive mid-century elements to make it work for Harley. The Jordan house is 2300 sq. ft., but they’d have to push the traditional ranch forward into mid-century style.

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Siblings Jennifer, Tom and Pam are coming back to their hometown of Laurel. Dispersed across the country with their families, the Paulsen’s want to find a large enough place where they can all stay when they’re in town visiting their dad. Ben and Erin show them two very different properties.

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Jack and Iris have lived on islands their entire lives and believe island living shares a core value with small town living: a love of community. Looking to downsize, they’ve decided that Laurel is the perfect place to do so. With a budget of $250,000, Ben and Erin show them two houses they could make into a whimsical, cozy and colorful homestead.

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