Four Small Towns to Visit in 2018

There’s something about small town America. The historic homes and sidewalked streets. The white picket fences and old covered bridges. The general stores brimming with fresh baked goods and friendly locals.  As John Mellencamp would say, I can breathe in a small town.        When I think of travel, I dream of the good ol’ U. S. of A. as seen through the window of our ’87 Grand Wagoneer. Although I’ve yet to make... Read More

#2,335 Rainy Wakulla.

It rained and it rained and it rained while a tropical storm system pushed across Florida, and it did not stop us from having a perfect day.  I like being here knowing this was my grandmother and her sisters’ summer place too. I’m trying to write the fireplace and Ivory soap smell of the halls on my memory, the crisp edge of the griddle cakes, the whippoorwills creaking at the edge of the springs,... Read More

#2,334 Wakulla Getaway.

Just for a minute, to get away from the craziness in Laurel, we’re spending a day at Wakulla with the Mercantile framily. Every summer, we vacation in 1937: marble floors, no TVs. Every summer, when the rain pours on the red tile roof we open the windows to listen. It’s going to be storming all day tomorrow but that’s okay. I’ve got a good book. Read More

#2,333 Father’s Day.

I got to spend a day at the beach with my daddy, who had amazing swim trunks in the 80s when we were little: He would carry me into the waves on his hip, always keeping my head above water, keeping me safe and showing me the world. These days, he’s into reading more than swimming, but so am I. I’m very lucky that I get to spend so much time with him now as a grown up. It’s good to be just 8... Read More

#2,332 Work and Play Beach Day.

After a long walk on the beach when we woke up: We took a boat ride with my parents and their friends, the Huffs, to lunch because I couldn’t live without Mexican Garbage from Tacky Jack’s. There was still work to do after a couple hours in the sunshine, but it’s not so bad working when you can hear the waves and seagulls outside your window. P.S. I never could’ve imagined that so many of you... Read More

#2,297 The Village.

After a long (amazing) day of meetings about some really exciting things that are happening (eventually), we had tonight to ourselves to just spend some time in Greenwich Village, our favorite neighborhood in NYC, before we finally head back home.  We stopped in John Derian’s shops in the East Village that have been an online inspiration to me for so long: We stopped into Three Lives bookstore in... Read More

#2,296 30 Rock Day.

Well. We’ve done it. We’ve been on the dang Today show. I got so nervous when we first got there, y’all. I was afraid I would go blank and forget what to talk about.  But Laura and Lynne from HGTV were there with us, talking about back problems and renovations at their houses and before long I forgot about being nervous altogether because we were just visiting with the girls from work. Soon, it... Read More

#2,295 Today Show.

First things first: we got about 11 hours of sleep–so amazing after the week we had leading up to today! And now, the exciting news about tomorrow… We are gonna be on the Today Show talking about Home Town with Hoda and Kathie Lee at 10 am tomorrow (Wed., May 10)!! Ahhhhh! We had rehearsal this afternoon and it was surreal to stand in that studio.  We spent the evening walking all over Manhattan... Read More

#2,294 We Survived.

Somehow, a ton of major things we wanted to do all piled up within hours of each other in the span of 4 days and we’ve been saying for weeks now that if we could get through: 1. The weekend of back-to-back speaking engagements with our first time to do a Mercantile booth at the same time 2. A few hours later get Ben and the boys to Talladega and back safely by 1 am after partying with Ricky in the... Read More

#2,279 Boston Tourists.

After a big breakfast at Flour Bakery, we headed to the South End to do a little vintage shopping and came away with 3 vintage American flags, 1 oil portrait, 1 vintage letterman sweater with the letter ‘L’ on the chest for a Mercantile fall display… Then we stepped into Bobby from Boston, our FAVORITE shop in all of Boston that we discovered on our trip way back in 2011that somehow, even... Read More