The Ponder House

Erin and Ben are undoubtedly the most thoughtful people when it comes to design and staying true to the homeowner’s practical needs and individualistic taste— last night’s episode of Home Town proved to be no exception!  Luke Ponder, a local minister in Laurel, expressed how his biggest inspirations are his love for hiking, fly fishing and baseball. He even has an amazing collection of vintage vinyl and an impressive library of books that had never... Read More

A House Painted White

In last week's episode of Home Town, you saw me painting in my studio. What you could not see is my work desk built from all that is left of the demolition of my family's Victorian farmhouse. Today, my mother, Karen Rasberry, will tell you about that house in gorgeous detail. If you want to spend more time in her beautiful writing, you can shop her books by clicking here. – Erin   When remembrances of the old house... Read More

The Secret to Great Home Design

As an accountant by trade, I find it very difficult to articulate my style. I also find it very difficult to understand why I'm an accountant but, hey, that's another story for another day!  Here lately, I've been forced to really think about what drives my choices with home design and I just couldn't put my finger on it until a few days ago.    Growing up in south Mississippi we are all raised, as natural as if... Read More

#2,470 Open House.

Every year, the first Sunday in November, downtown Laurel shops open their doors and Christmas music starts playing and finger foods abound. This is the first year the Mercantile got to be a part of it since we opened up shop 11 months ago, and it felt like magic–the way this tradition has since I was a little girl. People flooded inside when we opened the doors and I even saw Angie and Patrick,... Read More

#2,456 Flannels for the Cold Front.

It looks like tomorrow we’ll finally get to a prolonged version of fall, with temperatures dropping as far as the forecast can see, and we’re OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT. Even better is the fact that our 2017 Scotsman Co. flannel collectionis finally here, in the nick of time. Ben designed these shirts to be worn on a worksite, in the woodshop or the office with flap pockets for utility and a pencil... Read More

#2,372 Keep It Between the Lines.

I know I’ve already written about the new woodshop once this week, it’s just that it’s been all consuming between getting it set up and finished and our bathroom renovation that’s just in the ugly framing phase and doing tons of paintings for the show (that I can’t show you but I wish I could). This is one of the only things I can write about in our life right now and it’s so cool to see how happy... Read More

#2,371 Turning.

Ben finally got the fancy new lathe unpacked at the woodshop which means I’m going to have pretty new wooden lamps soon. You know, after he makes table legs. And rolling pins.  Read More

#2,362 Woodshop Art.

I’m not feeling very well tonight so I will be concise about today’s blessings. I got to spend several hours at my studio designing the signage for the woodshop and I’m excited about where it’s headed.   It will probably change a ton from this to the final ideation but it’s a start that feels right for what was once an old feed store. Read More

#2,354 Artwork Redux.

I’m updating our bedroom and decided I want to frame some old figure sketches I did in college, but they were all done in red and I want black. A big window makes a fine lightbox to make a duplicate just the way I want. I'm updating our bedroom and decided I want to frame some old figure sketches I did in college, but they were all done in red and I want black. A big window makes a fine... Read More

#2,348 Made In America.

Tonight was our first ever Made In America celebration at the Mercantile, and while it was a super casual thing, we spent the whole day setting up and getting things ready and I think it couldn’t have gone any better for our very first time and with so many other fireworks watch parties all over the city. Laurel always goes big on July 3, and tonight was no different: There is a simple... Read More